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Leading the fight for open governance in the management of the world's oceans

Fishing nets

Our mission

Accountability.Fish advocates for open governance of the world's oceans by exposing and challenging the secrecy and opaque practices embedded in the current international fisheries management system.

Areas of Focus

Accountability.Fish supports the opening of the world’s fisheries management system by:

  • Promoting a global effort to secure equal stakeholder access to the decision-making processes of the Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs), the primary organizations that hold legal jurisdiction over the oceans
  • Collecting and publishing decisions and interventions that take place in otherwise private RFMO meetings
  • Openly challenging RFMOs that continue to block stakeholders from attending key meetings
  • Highlighting the inadequacy of the RFMO system as a viable vehicle for oceans management


Led by Global Director Ryan Orgera, a veteran international ocean governance advocate, Accountability.Fish is financially supported by the Oceans 5 Foundation. Working with a team of freelance communication, fisheries specialists and governance experts around the world, Accountability.Fish works with media, market players, civil society groups and RFMO insiders to collect key information and challenge the status quo.