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Group of Tuna fish at sea
Bird view of a fishing boat at sea

What is Accountability.Fish

A global initiative to promote open governance in the international fisheries management system, and challenge those players who are blocking greater openness.

Why are RFMOs a Sustainable Black Holes

RFMO Accountability Tracker

To create more openness, Accountability.Fish publishes results from RFMO meetings whenever they are made available to us through our RFMO Tracker.

Take Action

How to help bring more openness to ocean governance


Greenpeace amplifies Accountability.Fish’s call for immediate RFMO reform 
International oceans governance watchdog Accountability.Fish welcomes the launch of Greenpeace International’s bombshell report on oceans governance
RFMO Accountability Tracker Highlights Actions at Indian Ocean Tuna Commission [Washington, DC, May 31, 2024] – As part of its effort to promote transparent and…
Accountability.Fish Blasts Unprecendented Chinese Proposal at Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
WASHINGTON: Calling a move to curtail stakeholder participation at today’s meeting of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commision (IOTC) an “unprecedented an unnecessary infringement on the…

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